Open Data (HTW)

This is the accompanying site for the Open Data course and tutorial for students of International Media Informatics at the HTW Berlin in the winter term 2014/15.

This site covers the basic syllabus and links – specific information of each session is published in Moodle.


  1. [13.10.2014] Introduction Part I
  2. [20.10.2014] Introduction Part II
  3. [27.10.2014] Administrative Data
  4. [03.11.2014] Location Based Data / Geodata
  5. [10.11.2014] Country Comparison
  6. [17.11.2014] Licenses, Legal Issues
  7. [24.11.2014] In-depth: Major Cities and Their Data
  8. [01.12.2014] Corporate Data + Monetization
  9. [08.12.2014] Open Science Data
  10. [15.12.2014] Storytelling: Data Journalism
  11. [05.01.2015] Visualizing Data
  12. [12.01.2015] Wikidata + Linked Open Data
  13. [19.01.2015] Mapping Data
  14. [26.01.2015] Aid Data + Health Data
  15. [02.02.2015] Opening Data + Civic Activities (+ Outlook)
  16. [09.02.2015] Project Presentations


  • Each student will hold a short presentation (10 minute) on a subject not related to the group project in the course.
  • In addition three short questions on the lecture are required to be answered on Moodle each week.
  • (The main part of the grade is made up by the group project.)


After the course the student is expected to be able to:

  • describe and explain the concept of open data,
  • explain the necessary elements of open data,
  • understand the different license types of open data,
  • know how open data is provided in Germany and other countries,
  • know how open data can be used by citizens, organizations and businesses.

Tutorial (Übung)

The tutorial consists of a group project based on open data and realized with open source software. The project is documented in a short final report after the presentation.

This includes:

  • defining a specific project starting out from a generally defined subject
  • finding the proper data,
  • conceiving design and appropriate software model,
  • developing and realizing (at least) a prototype.

Results are presented in the final session (09.02.2015).

Criteria for rating the projects

  • Complexity of Data
  • Originality
  • Openness
  • Type of Solution
  • Documentation
  • Understanding of Open Data

Basic Links

The Open Knowledge Foundation on Open Data
TED Talk of Tim Berners-Lee on Open Data
Full and Strict Definition of Open Data
An Overview: Open Data Showroom
Background Document on Open Government by Daniel Lathrop and Laurel Ruma
Open Data Stack Exchange – Questions and Answers

Resources (Course Subsites)

List of Open Data Directories and Sources
Using Data: Tools and Resources

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